Exclusive Licence (US)

You become the OWNER of the Beat

Sell UNLIMITED Copies : sell your song on digital platforms and CDs with no distribution limits
Receive 1 Untagged HQ Mp3 & 1 Wav File and Trackouts: after your pruchase you will receive a confirmation of your order with links to download the files. You can choose MP3 or Wav and Trackouts : Trackouts (or Stems) are individual tracks that made the instrumental. You can use it for mixing, AND editing, removing parts, changing arrangement.
Unlimited Commercial purpose : use your final song for a single or an EP or Album or both. You can drop multiple commercial projects with this license.
Stream Your Song : drop your song on digital platforms for streaming : Spotify, Deezer, Youtube…
Use for live show : perform your song for live shows.
Use for Video Clips and Monetize your videos : put your song of video clip on Youtube and monetize your videos.
Unlimited Radio Airplay : your song can be played on radios without limit
Publishing Rights : Split between producer(s) and writer(s) 50/50 can be negotiated.
Royalty Free (No Sales Commissions) : you won’t have to pay royalties to Mister Lazy on your sales.
Must Credit : Produced by Mister Lazy
Beat won’t be available for sale anymore
Exclusive Rights are recommended for Major Releases and every releases like online projects, mixtape, EPs, Albums, Radio use, singles, video clip

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